Athletes In Transition

Our talent pool consists of a wide range of athletes.

Individuals who have trained for years in the solitude of an empty field, gym, pool or lake and then later performed at a world-class level in front of thousands, perhaps millions of spectators are represented in our candidate population. Most have college degrees to balance out their professional or Olympic careers. And they all possess quantifiable and intrinsic qualities that play a large part in their success in life. A strong work ethic, exceptional discipline, the drive to succeed and a can-do attitude are embedded in their DNA.

Those same qualities can be transitioned to the work place as you seek to hire key contributors and future leaders. Your organization is looking for a competitive edge–a means to additional revenue growth and profitability. Our candidates will provide that edge.

Who We Serve

Our core talent is comprised of former professional and Olympic athletes from a wide range of competitive sports. Some are well known to even the casual fan. Some are not. All excelled at their respective sports but for various reasons did not achieve the materialistic results necessary to be “set for life.” These are the individuals we target for your firm’s talent acquisition needs. They are ready and motivated to transition to a professional career.

Who We Don’t Serve

Household names like Derek Jeter, Michael Phelps, Lindsey Vonn and Phil Mickelson to name just a few will NOT be amongst our available talent pool. Essentially, they are set for life as a result of lucrative contracts, high visibility and multiple endorsements. If they choose to work after their sports careers–the jobs find them.