Launching careers…after the applause

Athletes In Transition

Talent Acquisition

In this age of global economics, unprecedented innovations in technology, and pent-up customer demand, your firm is in need of the highest level of human capital. College recruiting, succession planning, advanced executive coaching, training & development and experienced hiring are all part of your strategy (or should be) towards hiring and retention to stay ahead of the game–the talent acquisition game. But it’s not a game at all. The stakes are huge–in fact, lose the game and you’re downsizing or worse yet–you’re out of business.

Athletes In Transition is an additional resource for your company to tap into proven performers, high-achieving individuals that can be game changers for your organization. They have demonstrated energy, discipline and achievement at the highest level. Those characteristics translate into positive results that greatly benefit your bottom line.

Our consultants

Our consultants, classically trained in retained executive search, will work closely with you to identify key openings and strategic hiring opportunities that can be filled by a world-class athlete with a unique set of skills and a very quick learning curve. Talk with us and we will collaborate with you to craft a hiring program right for your firm —and right for the athletes that will become your “go to” employees.