Launching careers…after the applause

Athletes In Transition

As a professional or Olympic athlete you have accomplished so much in your sport of choice. You were blessed with God-given talents. And what propelled you to such great heights and recognition by your family, coaches and fans was a blend of commitment, hard work, self-discipline, mental toughness, teamwork and support. And practice—lots of practice.

Well now—this career is or is about to be over. The reasons are varied and inevitable. When you become a professional or Olympic athlete you are guaranteed several things—early retirement is one of them. The applause—will be silenced. It will be time—to move on. Your next career can be just around the corner, and Athletes In Transition is the premier firm equipped to facilitate your new life on a far different playing field.

Allow us to get to know you. Let’s discuss your academic past and perhaps the idea of more academics in your future. Tell us about your family and your future goals and dreams. Give us your best shot at describing your “ideal new job,” and if you’re not sure—that’s ok too. We have the experience in working with corporate America to inform and recommend numerous roles and specific industries and firms that may be ready to embrace your talents, determination and exemplary character.  We also have access to numerous professional partners who can be your next coach to prepare you for interviews and provide business accepted assessments. Our corporate partners span all geographic areas, and they need talent on their roster.  Top-performing talent—just like you.

“It is interesting to me that so few athletes make a successful move into business. There are so many things about being an athlete that should prepare you for the real world. Discipline, practice, out-working your opponent. All of that is just as important to me today as it was in the NBA. I think the problem is that for some athletes our ego has been fed our whole lives and we are not used to people treating us as peers.”

Magic Johnson, Hall of Fame Basketball Player